Natural Wonders Of Armidale

Natural Wonders Of ArmidaleThe City of Armidale sits between Sydney and Brisbane, making it an ideal inclusion on a road trip between the two capital cities. As part of the New England region, Armidale is also lucky enough to be surrounded by many national parks and areas of natural beauty. While many visitors to Armidale come for the food and wine, a visit to Armidale is not complete without taking in the spectacular natural surroundings. Some of the best natural wonders of Armidale are featured below.

New England National Park

Home to World heritage rainforest, over 500km of wild rivers with incredible waterfalls and exotic flora and fauna, New England National Park is a unique natural wonder. Highlights include:

Dangars Falls

Dangars Falls is part of Oxley Wild Rivers National Park and is a peaceful place for a family picnic by the river. Make use of the free barbecues, go kangaroo spotting on McDirtys walking track or take in the dramatic views down the 120m waterfall. You will need to bring drinking water and binoculars if you are keen to bird watch.

Armidale Pine Forest

Also known as Armidale State Forest, The Pine Forest is a popular destination for bushwalkers, mountain bikers, dog walkers, horse riders (a key will be needed from Council) and families. Located just 3.5km north-east of Armidale, bear in mind that no vehicles are allowed in the park, but there is plenty of parking around the five gated access points. The Pine Forest is split into eastern and western sections by the Tilbuster Ponds creek making it easy to navigate.

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