Saving Armidale’s Trees

The relentless drought has already taken a huge toll on Armidale and its residents. The latest casualties are the oaks and conifers in Armidale’s heritage-listed Central Park. With Level 5 water restrictions already in place, it is estimated that there are less than 400 days of water left in the local dam. The Council is now facing the tough decision of whether to save Armidale’s Central Park.

Residents Donate Water To Save Trees

The park is currently being watered with bore water but this is only a temporary solution.

“We’re putting in the equivalent of about 4 millimetres a week and we don’t know whether that’s enough. We’ll see how that goes.”

– Richard Morsley, Armidale Regional Council’s coordinator of public and town spaces. (source)

With many of the oaks and conifers in the park dying, local residents have taken to donating their own water to try and keep the trees alive. Those trees most at risk have an orange ribbon tied around them.

Unprecedented Drought

Long-time residents in Armidale say they have never seen a drought like this one. Many farmers have sold off all of their stock and the rest are hand feeding them. There is also a flow-on effect to local businesses who are also struggling with a downturn in business. Even when it eventually does rain, it will take time for the city to recover financially and emotionally.


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